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Did a spot of cat sitting...
Updated the Law Nerd site a bit. Cleaned things up and added a bunch of new poetry on the art page. Also added a top secret site for incomplete stories and tales of an erotic nature. But since that's top secret, you'll have to ask me for the URL ...
Yes well, sometimes even your loyal informant can get distracted by life and get behind. Mea culpa. And now that's out of the way, most of the new stuff is to be found on various web logs (blogs) that Blogger (see below) makes it addictively easy to create. So far, I've made:
General Blog -- no you don't need to salute, it's just the miscellaneous category...
Health Blog -- everything no normal human would want to know about diabetes, etc.
Drafting and Plain Language Blog -- call it professional education ...
Fan Fiction Blog -- just a place to keep track of what I and friends are reading and liking at the moment.
Merpups Fan Fic Recommendations -- less well annotated, and a bigger group of "friends", but otherwise the same as the above.
Helped Scott Elliott, DM extraordinaire, set up a website for a Birthright campaign he's been running for the last couple of years. FWIW, the character Skada is none other than your loyal correspondent.

Check out the new information tracking system "Blogger". It allows you to create cool logs of places you've visited online, one great example of Blogger in action is Dori Smith's Backup Brain
Fixed and updated some links on my homepage. If any don't work, let me know.
Well, this page is new...
And the sightings list (below) answers the question of what all the sites I've got online are.


Sites/Pages I've created and continue to maintain. Check my business site for pages I created but with which I'm no longer involved.

In order by date.

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