Pigs feet and ears
Cloves, allspice, cinnamon to taste

Pigs' feet, ears &c., should be cleaned after being soaked in water not very hot. The hoofs will then come off easily what a sharp knife. The hard, rough places should be cut off. They should be thoroughly singed, and then boiled as much as four or five hours, until they are too tender to be taken out with a fork. When taken from the boiling water, it should be put into cold water. After it is packed down tight, boil the jelly-like liquor in which it was cooked with an equal quantity of vinegar, salt as you think fit, and cloves, allspice and cinnamon at the rate of a quarter of a pound to one hundred weight, to be poured on scalding hot. From The American Frugal Housewife: Dedicated To Those Who Are Not Ashamed of
by Mrs. Child. , 1883

I found this at The CWI Civil War Cookbook in the meat dishes section. In the Trinidadian version, one would -- of course -- put pepper sauce or chillies in the water used to boil the pigs feet and in the vinegar mixture used to pickle them. Oh, and you can also use pig tails (yum, sigh...).

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