Roti: dhal pourie


1 lb. flour
3 tsp. baking powder
pinch of salt
1/2 tsp tumeric
1/2 lb split peas
3 cloves garlic
2 or 3 tsp. ground cumin


  • Boil split peas with tumeric, salt and garlic. Do NOT allow to get too soft. Firm but soft enough to flatten with your fingers.
  • Pass through a grinding mill. Make sure there NO whole grains left or these will busrt the roti later.
  • Add geera and salt to taste. Cool.
  • Knead flour with baking powder and a pinch of salt, to a soft dough. Rub oil over dough and leave to rest. About an hour should do.
  • Cut dough in to 6-8 pieces.
  • Shape into balls and leave to rest for 15 mins.
  • Flatten the ball in your hand and place about about 3 tsps. of the peas then make into a ball again.
  • Heat the baking stone or griddle to no more than medium heat and brush a little vegetable oil on it.
  • Roll out the dough into 8" circles.
  • Place the roti on the stone and brush with some of the veg. oil. when its starting to brown turn it over and brush again.
  • When the other side is starting to brown it should start to swell.
  • All done . Enjoy with any curry.

    I found this at The Rec.Food.Recipies.Archive Roti is not just flatbread, it's also a generic term for flatbread wrapped around delicious curry. Outside of Trinidad, the best Roti in the known universe can be found at Bacchus Roti Shop in Toronto. You can find them at 1376 Queen Street West, in Toronto -- or if you're in the area, call (416) 532-8191 for delivery.

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